Warmer Weather for Lake Vermilion is Around the Corner-Fish Survey

The weather forecast looks much better later this week and weekend with lows staying above freezing and the highs getting into the sixties by Saturday. We received another storm last Sunday that continued to slow things down.

While the ice is thawing, please take a look at the 2012 DNR Lake Vermilion Survey provided below. Walleye numbers are well above average for the East end of Lake Vermilion. Looks like the 2010 walleye class is going to be great for the East end. This means good things for walleye fishing over at least the next few years.

Musky numbers also are very very good on the East end and the average size very large. Also of note are the good numbers for smallmouth bass and the relatively large size on the East end. It also appears perch numbers may be rebounding.

Fisheries Management On Lake Vermilion In 2012

7 comments on “Warmer Weather for Lake Vermilion is Around the Corner-Fish Survey

  1. steve says:

    Any progress on the ice up there Dave? Is the snow even of the lake?.

    • Everett Bay Lodge says:

      The dam at Pike Bay entrance is running full bore now and it is open all the way past the hatchery. There is alot of water on top of the ice in Everett Bay. It is pulling away from the shore about 20 feet as of this afternoon. Very windy as well up here this afternoon which always helps. Dave

  2. anthony says:

    any news on expected ice out? can i fish on opener?

    • Everett Bay Lodge says:

      Progress is being made on the bays with sun and warmth today! Pike Bay is open in front of the houseboats and is making its way east. Some wind would be nice though for quicker progress on Big Bay. Expect our bay to be open by Saturday but don’t expect official ice out on Big Bay by then. Dave

  3. Undahl says:

    Hello Dave,

    I am wondering if you can provide another update on the ice conditions. Like Anthony, I had high hopes of getting up there for opener.


    • Everett Bay Lodge says:

      The sun is shining this afternoon and Pike Bay is at least half open. The houseboats are putting boats in at their launch. Pike Bay will be open for fishing; I confirmed at the hatchery this morning. Big Bay looks hopeless still. Our Bay needs some wind which we will start to get tomorrow. Dave

  4. John Kohlhase says:

    Looking forward to the belated opener on Lake Vermilion this weekend. The hot temps and windy conditions have to open the lake finally.

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