Vermilion Spring 2015 fishing report

Lake Vermilion 20.5" largemouthj bass

Lake Vermilion Largemouth Bass fishing

Lake Vermilion End of Spring 2015 fishing report is another mixed bag of species.  As the fish report that follows shows plenty of nice fish caught, add the perfect “eater” walleyes and jumbo perch many guests caught and it made for another nice week of fishing.  The mayflies continue to hatch in various locations around the lake, making presentation all the more important.  Along with the picture shown above of Mike Wier with a 20.5″ Lake Vermilion Largemouth bass, Bob Everhart shared some of the photos from his Lake Vermilion fishing trip, and you can see the rest on our Facebook page:  Everett.Bay.Lodge.Lake.Vermilion.

Fish our guests told us about include:

Muskie:  49″ Dareld Koopman -**This is one of those crazy times when a 14″ walleye was the prey, and the netminder actually completed the task of getting the muskie in the net too!

Northern:  41″ Tim Magee

Largemouth Bass:  20.5″ Mike Wier (shown above)

Smallmouth Bass:  20″ Mike Wier, Tim Magee – 19.5″ Bob Everhart, Tim Magee – 19″ Bob Everhart, Tim Magee, Mike Wier, Ginny Wisniewski – 18.5″ Tim Magee – 18″ Tim Magee, Mike Wier, Bob Everhart, Steve Sikkema.

Walleyes:  24″ Miles Hiedie – 23.5″ Tony Carlson – 23″ Ted Carlson, Bob Carlson – 22″ Tom Gaffy, Tim Magee – 20″ Roger Friedlie, Perry Berhow

Although we are all filled up this week, we have a couple 3 night stay options beginning this Saturday, the 27th, as we have a group arriving Tuesday in several cabins for the remainder of the week.  Give us a call or shoot us an e-mail if you are pondering a trip north!!


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