Strong Lake Vermilion walleye fishing continues.

Strong Lake Vermilion walleye fishing continues, although the weather has been less than pleasant at times.  With many 2nd weekend of the season returning guests, plenty of fish were caught, cleaned, eaten, released — and limits were taken home.   We were happy to welcome a few cabins of first-timers to our resort as well, and they too got in on the walleye action.

Walleyes were caught both shallow and deep, and while minnows were the bait of choice, there were a few guys that found leeches to be the best option.  Depth seemed to play an important role in determining success using leeches.  Our son Eric had some of his buddies up and while they didn’t catch any big ones, they caught several limits every time out, with plenty for a fish fry and limits for each to take home.   We too limited out when we snuck out on Monday, catching most of ours in around 25 feet.

Lake Vermilion resort fish fry

Annual Noyes fish fry May 2017

Bob Geiselman May 2017

In addition to many good eater walleyes, our guests told us about the following fish:

Northern:  34″  Jake Doherty

Walleyes:  31 1/8″ Dan Doherty, 27.5″ Bob Geiselman, 26.75″ Bill Rickert, 26″ Tony Wald, 23″ Tyler Glad, 22.5″ Jake Doherty, 22″ Eric Noyes, 22″ Matt Arneson, 22″ Shane Holmen, 21.5″ Gabe Fetzek, 21.5″ Dave Boudreau, 21″ Lee Gilbertson, 21″ Steven Geiselman, 21″ Eric Noyes, 20″ Wayne Welsh, 20″ Dave Opatz.

Add the excitement for Dan & Jake Doherty – who spent the week in cabin 9 – winning the 2017 City Auto Glass Walleye Classic on Saturday and it was a fun week!  (See pictures in yesterday’s post.)

Hoping for some warmer sunny days to move the water temp in the right direction.  We have one spot open for Memorial Day weekend, the big cabin – cabin 1.  Also had a cancellation for the week of July 22nd, typically a pretty good week on the lake.  If you are pondering a trip up north this summer, give us a call!

Stop wishing…..Come fishing!


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