September action stayed strong!

Maki 50.75" muskie

Tom Maki with a great 50.75″ September Lake Vermilion muskie

While the weather wasn’t the most cooperative, Tom Maki was rewarded for his efforts with this nice 50.75″ Lake Vermilion September muskie.  He now has 5 over the 50″ mark, with 4 of them coming from Lake Vermilion.

Along other lines, the walleye fishing was up and down over the past week, with several groups reporting successful trips, although they had to work for what they got.  The Huber crew reported catches of smaller fish during the day and larger, more bountiful outings in the evening.  There were some very nice jumbo perch caught as well.  There was no shortage of action in the fish cleaning house.  In fact, the future prospects for the lake showed strong with ample small fish, plenty of eaters, and their report that each member of the 7 guy group caught at least one walleye over the 20″ mark.  The Talley’s spent their second September week with us and reported good walleye results with limits to take home.  While smallies have now gone out of season, they caught some 19″ + ones while chasing walleyes.  We also had some “first timers” on the lake who appreciated the fact that they didn’t need to go far to track down their walleyes.   Joel Meredith caught a nice 24″ walleye and Jens Kottke caught a 23″ & a 22″.

In addition to Tom Maki’s repeat appearance on the Everett Bay Lodge Wall of Fame, with his 50″+ muskie, he is joined by Tom Wittrock, who caught & released a 40″ northern.

Sounds like a FANTASTIC weekend is around the corner.  Have time for one more trip north????   Give us a call!

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