Parade, Fireworks…..and Mayflies!

Parade, fireworks…..and mayflies took center stage this past holiday week, with several mornings in a row creating surprise that the hatch still wasn’t over.   The city of Tower put on its usual full list of festivities and the fireworks were well received, but the mayflies were the talk of most of our guests, at least for the early part of the week.  They arrived later than usual this year, and were more plentiful than we have seen in our 18 seasons at the resort.  Thursday morning they finally seemed to subside.   Some guests caught the best early in the week and then a few groups caught their limits of walleyes as the week ended.  Those who expanded their target beyond just walleyes had the most luck.

The Gaglianos chased the muskies and found the first part of the week to involve only sightings and lazy lookers.  When the warmer weather finally settled in later in the week, things turned on with much more aggressive fish and plenty of action.  While Scott caught a 47″ and Gwen caught her PR, a 43″, they spent some time doing the “could have, should have, would have” head shake as they lamented the near misses of a couple big ones that they wished they could have over again.  (We all know that feeling!!!)

Thanks to Doug Lovold for sharing this picture of the eagle near the nest on Everett Bay, as well as pictures of his sons Sam & Ben with some nice bass that we posted on our Facebook page.



Some of the fish our guests caught include:

Walleyes:  25″ Derrick DeKock, 24.5″ Scott Gagliano, 23″ Alex Leis, 21.5″ Scott Gagliano, 20.25 Curtis DeKock

Smallmouth Bass:  19″ Sharon Leis, 18″ Derrick DeKock

Muskies:  47″ Scott Gagliano, 43″ Gwen Gagliano

Largemouth Bass:  21″ Sam Lovold, 18″ Ben Lovold – he caught 4.

The muskie action should just continue to get better and the walleyes will move on to their normal July spots.  Of course the largemouth bass in the bays and the smallies on the rocks are always good in July.

We have a discounted spot in cabin 8 that just opened up for the week of August 5th.  Two bedroom, screened porch, dock space included.

Stop wishing….Come fishing!



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