Opener 2011


Opener 2011 was a good weekend of better than expected weather on Saturday and plenty of limits of walleyes.  Even with high winds, a few Lake Vermilion first timers from Lino Lakes found their way around and came home with a limit for each of the guys in the boat.  Several of our opener “returners” also limited out, eating fish on Saturday evening and catching some to take home on Sunday.  Eight year old Joe Allison made it look easy, catching his limit before many others even left the dock on Sunday.In addition to plenty of eaters, there were several fish over 20 inches, the largest a 25 incher.  Patience was the key for those who did well.Several stable days of warm, sunny weather should move the walleyes through the post spawn phase quickly, as they are stacked up in many of their usual places. 

If a trip north is in your plans, give us a call at 800-249-3178.

May your pole always be bent! Dave


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