Mixed bag of fish for July 13th Lake Vermilion fishing news

Lake Vermilion fishing resorts

John Stacey caught this 20.25″ Lake Vermilion smallmouth bass

This past week our guests again enjoyed a mixed bag of fish, with both larger and eater size walleyes being caught and lots of bass action, especially smallmouth bass. There were many cabins that ate fish here and took some home. While there were muskies seen, a few cold nights and water temps that fell instead of rising have delayed the hot action we expect in mid July.

There were several nice walleyes caught, and some jumbo perch made for nice additions to the skillet. Eric & Diane hopped out for a quick outing late one evening, and boated 9 walleyes, kept 5, 1 too big, a few too small. It was a cool, damp, windy night when a book and a blanket seemed like the ticket, but in the end it was a fun outing.

Walleyes our guests reported include:
29.5″ Dave Hanna
27.5″ Lauren Stacey
25.5″ John Stacey
25.25″ Tracy Labrecque
24″ John Stacey
23.5″ John Stacey, David Stacey
23″ Lauren Stacey, Howard Stacey, David Stacey
22″ John Stacey
21″ Lauren Stacey, David Stacey
20″ David Stacey x 2, Lauren Stacey

Smallmouth Bass our guests reported include:
20.25 John Stacey
19″ Scott Simonds, Tom McCue, David Stacey
18.5″ Howard Stacey
18″ David Stacey x 3, Howard Stacey, Tamara Stacey, Richard Labrecque x 2

There were a good number of Northerns caught and released as well, but none over our 36″ target. In short, walleyes continue to show up both shallow and deep. Still not a full blown mayfly hatch to report, as they continue to hatch in limited numbers here and there.

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