Late July fishing on Lake Vermilion had its ups and downs last week, with walleyes beginning to spring back from a middle of the month tougher bite.  Musky fishing wasn’t spectacular, but there were fish seen on numerous spots and several near misses made for some excitement.   There were a few sub 40’s caught.   As has been the case, the most consistent bite has been the smallmouth bass, with many guests having good success with both artificial baits and leeches.

Chris Biermaier and his partner were just a big fish away from a nice payday Sunday when they took 10th out of 69 teams in the Aim Pro Walleye Series tourney out of Fortune Bay.  Their pre-fishing catch of many fish in the 25 – 26+ range had them pretty optimistic.  They caught 3 nice ones right off the bat Sunday morning and ended up in the money.  The winning team’s 5 fish totaling 44.0 pounds earned them $6000.

Would you show up late for breakfast for the stringer shown above?  That’s what happened at the Jordan cabin.  A mixed bag of walleyes, jumbo perch and a nice northern kept them out longer than planned.  What’s that saying? “Never leave biting fish…even for bacon and eggs!”  Thanks to Anna James for the great EBL magnet she crafted and the James family for the kind note – glad you enjoyed your stay!

Everett Bay Lodge note and magnet

                 Pretty crafty!

Some of of the fish we heard about include a 26.5″ walleye for Chris Biermaier, a 24″ walleye for Gary Lange, a 23″ walleye for Bob Stiles, a 22″ walleye for Jordan James and an 18″ smallie for Steve Lange.   Hopefully the overabundance of natural food is tapering off.  Dave & Eric snuck out for a couple hours yesterday afternoon, and a dinner of 7 walleyes and a nice jumbo perch came our way.  For them it didn’t matter whether they used leeches or crawlers.  Both worked.  Water temp before today’s cool down was 72 degrees.

Hard to believe July is about to wrap up.  August can offer up some terrific weather AND fishing.  Get your plans made.  We have one spot August 14th for 3 nights, one spot August 17th for 3 nights, and the first full week stays of the season open up on August 24th.  Take advantage of the August rates, or save even more and head north in September.

Stop wishing…come fishing!