The DNR has listed Lake Vermilion’s official ice out date April 30, 2019 – but there is still a little work to be done.   This is what is left on the south shore of Big Bay, on the other side of the peninsula from us at 7 a.m. on May 1st.  Wind is out of the east less than 10 mph but it is taking its toll on this little bit of ice that is left.  Suspect there are plenty of these remaining patches.

ice on big bay Lake Vermilion

          Just a little more.

Don’t despair – this next picture shows what is left at the end of Everett Point north of the mouth of Everett Bay.  Only about 8 feet of really fragile ice which should be gone shortly.  That area collects everything coming from the east, so not much left.

Little remaining ice on Lake Vermilion morning May 1, 2019

                        Oh so close!

How does all this compare?  Right on schedule.  Median ice out for Lake Vermilion is April 30th.  The DNR data lists the earliest ice out on record for Lake Vermilion at March 28, 2012 and the latest at May 23, 1950.  That’s a range of nearly two months!

Those wondering if you can get around the lake – from every area we checked it looks wide open unless you happen to need to get to a spot cloaked with one of these last stubborn patches.   The chill in the air yesterday is gone.  A little sun would go a long way, but clouds prevail.

Docks are all set, water is on, we are cleaning cabins, prepping boats – and looking forward to a great opener on Lake Vermilion!

Stop wishing…come fishing!