Lake Vermilion Walleye Hatchery 2016 starts

Lake Vermilion walleye hatchery

Lake Vermilion Walleye Hatchery 2016 starts to gear up.  All they need now is the walleyes!


We stopped by the hatchery this afternoon and were welcomed as the first visitors to make their way across the planking.  Found the DNR staff all set up and just waiting for the Lake Vermilion walleyes to arrive for the 2016 Hatchery work.  They reported the water temp at 35 degrees, about 10 degrees cooler than the temp when the activity is at its peak.  They are catching suckers and had 7 male walleyes so far today, but expect the upcoming warm temps and the fantastic forecast for warm weather to jump start things by the time the weekend rolls around.  The DNR staff was pleased with the new rigging / crib setup they put in for this 2016 hatchery season, a system that took about the half the time to install as compared to the old system, and it sure looks a lot easier for them to get around on.   Can’t wait to get back there when the big female walleyes start showing up.

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