Lake Vermilion spring fishing 2015

Lake Vermilion spring walleyes

Thanks Deb for sharing your Lake Vermilion walleye catch!

Lake Vermilion spring fishing

One of many nice Lake Vermilion walleyes Dan caught this weekend.

Even though Friday’s weather wasn’t the kindest, it didn’t take the Raleighs long to get the walleye action going when they visited for a day and a half of Lake Vermilion walleye fishing.  With limits of eaters, several bigger ones and a good number of fish in the 12 to 14 inch range they were kept busy.  The same walleye action continued when Virgil and his crew arrived Saturday.  They too found the walleyes hungry and opted to bump Burgers on the Grill OFF Sunday’s menu choosing to fry some of their walleyes instead.

Water temps that had jumped into the mid sixties last weekend were back down to the mid fifties, but made some progress yesterday when Dave & Eric saw it go from 53 to 57 just in the short time they were fishing.  These cold overnight lows will hopefully move out soon!

Our guests continue to catch walleyes on both minnows and leeches, with the vote being split pretty evenly.  Jack Mickle caught & released a nice 25.5″ walleye, and Dan Raleigh reported a good number of released walleyes with two 22’s, two 21’s and a 20″.  Not bad for a quick little weekend jaunt to Lake Vermilion.

While the week of June 20th is full, the first few weeks of June have some options for either a full or partial week stay, and there are a couple partial week stays for the week of June 27th.  Call us or shoot us an email if you think a Lake Vermilion trip is in the cards for you!

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