Lake Vermilion opener reports 2019 – limits for the skillet were caught.  Dave, Eric and Joe snuck out mid-morning and brought back 3 limits for lunch.  They set up in 20 – 32 fow and used fathead chubs, catching over 40 fish in time for lunch.  They didn’t get any big ones, but had plenty of action.  The wind picked up by mid afternoon, but all in all the weather was much better than the forecast predicted throughout the week.

Joe with plate of fried walleyes at Lake Vermilion

Saturday lunch fish fry.

Many of our returning guests had their usual success, either finding pods of only slot fish, or groups that were just in the keeper range.  Many, many small walleyes were released by most, pointing to a great future.  Some nice jumbo perch were caught as well.  Lake Vermilion water temp on Saturday in Big Bay hovered around 45 degrees.  A trip out Sunday morning found it at 47 degrees.  The afternoon sun likely moved it along by day’s end.  The week’s forecast predicts some rain and mid 60 degree days.  There is rain in the forecast for Saturday’s City Auto Glass tournament, but a lot can change between now and then.

As far as the rest of the month is shaping up, this upcoming weekend is full as is the Memorial Day weekend beginning on the 25th.  But if you have a chance to enjoy the quiet days of May on Lake Vermilion, give us a call.  We have some mid-week options left in May.  Looking toward June, the only nights left are the 5th, 6th & 7th.

As far as July, the July 4th week is full as is July 13th, but there is a cabin open the weeks of July 6th, 20th & 27th.  August and September calls are coming in, so if this is your preferred window for your Lake Vermilion trip, let’s get it set up.

Back to opener, some of the fish we heard about included these walleyes, all caught and released:

23″ Michael Kniffin, 22″ Josh Klapatch, 22 ” Shane Holman X 2, 21.5″ Josh Klapatch, 21.5″ Jaxon Lind, 21.5″ Lance Lind, 21″ Shane Holman, 21″ Josh Klapatch, 20.5″ X 2 Tyler Glad.

The Lind crew of 11 guys had their annual opener fish fry, and found the Sunday bite a bit more stubborn, only to capitalize on a just before dark active time.  They ended up just a handful of fish short for each guy to take home his limit.

Thanks again to all of our opener weekend guests.  And especially to the awesome Grandpa that thought it was time to bring his 7 year old granddaughter up north for opener!

Stop wishing…come fishing!