Lake Vermilion offering up mixed bags of fish this week.

Lake Vermilion is offering up a mixed bag of fish this week as our guests have caught just about every species the lake holds.  From the 22″ Largemouth Bass Jake Short caught & released to the limits of beautiful blue gills cleaned for a fish fry, it has been a week of variety.  While many different methods produced limits of walleyes, “shallow” would be the word to describe the most productive locations.  After our chores were finished and all guests were settled in last evening, Dave was the driver as Eric and Val spent the last hour & a half of daylight trolling crankbaits, ending the evening in a tie – 4 walleyes and 1 jumbo perch each – no slot fish but all eaters.

Virgil & the rest of his cabin 2 crew described their week as starting a little slowly, only to end up with 2 fish frys and enough for each of the 8 guys to take their limits home by Thursday.  Cliff took a group of three guests out and the shallow bite produced their limits on Friday.   The Marks group spent their first trip on Vermilion exploring all that the lake has to offer, and they too caught a good variety of species.  As the minnow bite winds down, both leeches and crawlers are taking over.

Muskie action has been limited, with sightings of big ones, but limited active fish, those being smaller ones so far.  Rod Foster caught the 42″er shown below, and his wife Lisa caught the 19″ smallie shown in the other picture.  Tim Magee has found the smallie fishing to be fantastic and his dabbling in the walleyes has produced limits whenever he opts for a meal of fresh fish.

Follow this link over to our Facebook page to see a nice 27.5″ walleye Clyde Sana caught while fishing with Matt Snyder.

Here’s a sample of this past week’s action:

Largemouth Bass:  22″ Jake Short, 20″ Jake Short, 18″ Jake Short

Smallmouth Bass:  191/2″ Jeff Coutant, 19″ Lisa Foster, 18″ Kevin Marks

Muskie:  42″ Rod Foster

Northern:  36″ Brownie Short, 34″ Mike Muir, 34″ Mike Short

Walleyes:  27.5″ Clyde Sana, 27″ Mark Arnold, 25″ Mike Muir, 24″ Merle Leitheiser, 23″ Dale Sana, 22″ Tim Magee, 22″ Jay Lind


Lake Vermilion muskie fishing June 2017

Rod Foster 42″ June 2017

Lake Vermilion smallies

Lisa Foster 19 “June 2017

Stop Wishing….Come fishing!!

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