Lake Vermilion Memorial Weekend 2016 fishing stays steady.

Lake Vermilion Memorial Weekend 2016 fishing stays steady as our guests were forced to pull out their rain gear – and the youngsters eager to swim in the pool found 58 to low 60 degree temps postponing that action until Sunday.   Fishing over the course of the week was steady for our week-long guests, with minnows continuing to dominate the bite.   Those that went out in the lousy weather were rewarded for their effort, with the majority of the fish caught being just right for the skillet.  Late in the week, there were some larger walleyes reported, along with several northerns and both large and smallmouth bass.

Walleyes our guests told us about include:

24″ Shane Wagner

23″ Kyle Schulke

22″ Matt Arnason, Kyle Schulke

21.5″ Kyle Schulke

20.5″ Shane Wagner

In most cases, there were reports of eating fish and closing out the stay with a limit to take home.  While prior reports showed widespread variation in depths, it seems like at least over the past few days, deeper water in the 25 ft. range has been especially productive.

If you are considering a trip north, we have one spot in a smaller cabin for the remainder of this week, and another short stay for the early part of next week.   Stop wishing….come fishing!!


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