Lake Vermilion late summer fishing

Lake Vermilion late summer fishing produced mixed results for our guests this past week.  The Lannings described it as a good week of fishing, with 3 muskies, plenty of smallies, some northerns and lastly walleyes for the skillet.  Seemed like there were days that were kind of tough for everyone, and then days when several cabins did well, but they had to put their time in.  We snuck out mid-day for a couple hours around lunchtime once we got our chores done, and were happy to get a mixed bag:  a smallie, a 32″ northern, a 22″ walleye, and a nice mix of  5 walleyes and a jumbo perch for the skillet.   That’s our version of a “working lunch.”   Both trolling crankbaits and rigging with crawlers worked well for us.

While eaters seemed a little harder to come by than they had been in the couple weeks prior, our guests told us about a good number of nice fish they caught & released.  After several trips north to many different Minnesota lakes, Donna Stevenson caught her first walleye here on Lake Vermilion. Thanks to Cory Hoffman for sharing the picture shown below.

Lake Vermilion walleye 2016

Cory Hoffmann caught & released this nice 27″ Lake Vermilion walleye.

Northern:  32″  Derek Studee.

Smallmouth Bass:  19.5″  Jeff Geiger caught 2.  19″  Jerry Stevenson, Rudie Heling, Mike Stevenson, Tom Studee, Mark Lanning.  18.5″  Derek Studee.

Walleyes:  27″ Cory Hoffmann, 23″  Jenny Studee, 22″  Mike Stevenson, 21″  Joe Studee caught 2.  20″ Bob Christenson, 19″ Leslie Stevenson.

Muskies: 43″ Mark Lanning, 42″ Mark Lanning, 41″ Mike Stevenson.

Fall is in the air as the leaves start to blow around.  These next several weeks will go by quickly, so if you haven’t set up that last fall outing, now is the time.

Stop wishing…..Come fishing!!







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    Diane JOE BARNES from Indianapolis Indiana we were wondering about an early check in on Saturday if not no big deal for sat 17th

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