Lake Vermilion June Bite

Lake Vermilion June bite continues to produce both large and skillet perfect fish.  Many returning guests found this past week to be very good, with a variety of species caught.  The Graczyk crew caught over 100 northerns and at least twice that many bass, and added walleyes for the skillet to the mix as well.  Tim Magee caught and released the northern shown below, and while he primarily fishes for smallies, he and his boat partner ate plenty of walleyes as well along with a nice batch of perch too.   Jerry Graczk caught three 5 pound largemouth bass.   As was the mantra last week, shallow seemed to be the place to be.  We have phased out our minnows now and guests are primarily using leeches and crawlers.  Water temps in Big Bay ranged anywhere from 62 – 66 degrees.  As usual, some days were better than others, but all in all several cabins did quite well.  Thanks to all who sent pictures.  Some are on our Facebook page and others will go on the Fishing Photo Gallery when the next rain day comes our way!

Some of the fish our guests told us about include:

Largemouth Bass:  20″ X 3 – Jerry Graczyk, 19″ Paul Emlund, 18.5″ Rod Mach.

Smallmouth Bass:  19″ Tim Magee, 19″ X 2 – Paul Emlund, 18.5″ Tim Magee, 18.5″ Kevin Mach, 18″ Tim Magee, 18″ Tommy Eickhoff, 18″ Janet Bianco.

Northern:  36″ Joe Graczyk, 35″ Shawn McCoy, 34″ Tim Magee.

Walleyes:  28″ Rich Frohmader, 27.5″ Tim Bianco, 25″ Kevin Mach, 23.75″ Kevin Mach, 23″ X 2 – Shane Eickhoff, 23″ Emily Scare, 23″ Rich Frohmader, 23″ Ryan Frohmader, 21″ Tommy Eickhoff, 21″ Tim Magee, 20.25″ Kevin Mach, 20″ Joe Graczyk, 20″ Jerry Graczyk, 20″ Shawn McCoy, 20″ Frank Graczyk.

As for the week just starting, Sunday was a bit of a wash out with barely a break in the rain, but many of those who donned their rain gear brought some eaters back in and a handful of slot fish were released.  We have 2 spots in July – 3 Bedrooms in Cabin 2 the week of July 8th and 2 Bedrooms in Cabin 6 the week of July 29th.

Stop wishing…Come fishing!

Lake Vermilion northern

Tim Magee – Lake Vermilion northern – June 2017


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