Lake Vermilion July fishing ended better than it started.

Lake Vermilion July fishing ended better than it started, with the last few days of the month finding the walleyes ready to eat.  The middle part of the month found conditions a little tougher than usual, as both perch and crayfish provided ample food for the many, many walleyes that were marked but not biting.  Fortunately as the last week of the month moved along so did the stubborn bite, and eventually both crawlers and leeches produced many limits of “eaters.”

As for the muskies, they seem to be a little unpredictable for this time of year.  While several under the 40″ mark were caught, we would expect to see more bigger fish caught by this point in the season.  Bob Kuhr made his first trip to Lake Vermilion and boated 3, 2 over 40″.

Some of the fish our guests caught & released include:

Walleyes:  24″ Mark Bergeron, 24″ Doug Miller.

Muskies:  43″  Bob Kuhr, 43″ Bill Janz, 40″ Bob Kuhr, 40″ Travis Wenzel, 38″ Jason Wenzel, 36″ Bob Kuhr, 35″ Travis Wenzel, 33″ Jason Wenzel.

Hard to believe we are already into August.  If you have not made plans to visit Lake Vermilion before the season winds down, now is the time.  We are full the week of August 6th, have a 4 night spot beginning August 16th, and a 2 spots left August 27th week.  September is filling in quickly, with the week of September 17th down to just a couple partial stays.

Stop wishing…..come fishing!!!

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