Lake Vermilion July 6, 2014 Fishing News

Minnesota Northern - Lake Vermilion

Craig Pffeifer caught and released this wide 37″ Lake Vermilion Northern.

Craig Pfeifer caught and released this 37″ Lake Vermilion northern. While out in the boat alone he found a way to get the big fish in his un-extended net, but I am guessing he made sure the net was ready every time he went out after that.

It was nice to welcome the Arnolds & Boutwells back. While the storms and wind early in the week made boat control and getting out on the lake more difficult, they commented midweek about what a nice week they had been having so far. A positive outlook goes a long way! Tyler had the big walleye in their crew with a 27″ beauty. He and Nicole shared a couple pictures on our Facebook page. Looking forward to their 2015 return visit!

In spite of the lousy weather, for the most part, people caught fish. Those looking for bass and northern found them, and several cabins had their usual fish meals here while taking limits home. Max Woronicz caught & released 20″ & 19″ inch smallies, with his crew catching at least 6 over 18″. Walleyes continue to want leeches and crawlers, although Eric had several good outings using artificials. Thank goodness, as his catch fed us last evening, and he went out then after dinner and brought back another four for the next time his mom can’t figure out what to fix for dinner!

Fish our guests told us about include:

Craig Pfeifer – 37″

Max Woronicz – 20″ & 19″
Joe Keiser – 19″
Eric Gooden – 19″

Largemouth Bass:
Nicole Arnold – 18″

Tyler Boutwell – 27″
Mark McGlone – 24″, 23″ & 21″
Barry Van Kleeck – 22″ & 21″
Nicole Arnold – 20″

In our general area, the mayflies have yet to have a full blown hatch. A few here and there, but that has been about it.

If you are contemplating a trip north, we have a few week-long spots here and there, and a handful of short stay spots available, with a couple including long weekend stays. Summer is moving along quickly. Let’s go fishing!!

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