Lake Vermilion July 4th week fishing news – with the holiday falling midweek, while the resort was full it seemed as though lake activity was a little less social and those fishing had decent results.  Even though the weather was threatening, the July 4th festivities were well received, with the fireworks adding a nice finish to a full list of activities.

We had several Lake Vermilion first timers with us, and many of those that fished had walleye meals, took some home and released some bigger fish.  The mayfly hatch has continued in what has seemed to be a more sporadic pattern, without the one or two huge hatches that sometimes overtake large areas of the lake.  The customary leeches vs. crawlers debate was about 50/50 last week.  The Lake Vermilion water temp had worked its way past the mid 70’s by the latter part of the week.  The dam continues to run as regular rainfall has kept the water level up.  Another day of showers today predicts inch or two more inches.

There were several bass and northern caught, the bass topping out around 3 pounds.  As we round the corner into July, we expect the muskie action to take off.

Some of the larger fish we heard about include:

Northern – 33″ Taylor Peterson

Walleye – 24″ Marcus Artner, 23.5″ John Ubelhor, 23″ Jackson Robran, 23″ Kimberly Robran, 23″ Jarrod Robran, 22″ X 2 Dustin O’Brian, 21″ Logan Reeves, 20″ Dustin O’Brian.

Looking at the book for July, there are some post holiday spots during the week this week, but the only other opening in July is a 4 night stay in cabin 10, the one bedroom cabin, starting on Saturday the 21st – the rest of July is full.  In August there is a 4 night stay in cabin 6 starting on the 7th, and 2 cancellations the week of August 11th have freed up some time starting on that Saturday.  Take advantage of the 10% off August rates.  The latter part of August there are more choices to consider, and who can pass up the great time September is for enjoying Lake Vermilion?

Stop wishing…Come fishing!