Lake Vermilion July 4th festivities “awesome!”

Lake Vermilion July 4th festivities were described as “awesome” by many guests who took advantage of various events that were offered.  From the Gaudians who ran the 10K with great results to the parade-goers who were surprised by the generosity of the candy tossers – it was a fun filled several days.  Guests played golf at the Wilderness, visited the Wolf Center and the Bear Center, and many enjoyed the July 4th fireworks display.

Reardon Lake Vermilion muskie

Lake Vermilion muskie fishing 2016

Tom Reardon caught & released the 52″ muskie shown above, making his way onto our EBL Wall of Fame.  Congrats on his PR catch!

Other fish that our guests told us about include:

Walleyes:  24.25″ Tom Reardon, 24″ Tom Reardon X 2, 23″ Zach McNulty

Largemouth Bass:  18″ Carl Gaudian

Smallmouth Bass:  18″ Zach McNulty, 18″ Zach Hrvol

Northern:  38″ Tom Reardon

Muskie:  52″ Tom Reardon.

To see some of the other pictures our guests shared, visit our Facebook page.

The remainder of the month of July is about full with just a couple options.  The big house has an opening toward the end of July and the first part of August, Cabin 4 has a spot for 3 nights starting July 20th, and Cabin 10 has a 3 night spot beginning August 3rd.  The mayfly hatch is behind us and some of the best summer fishing is not far off.       Stop wishing…..Come fishing!

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