Lake Vermilion Ice out on Everett Bay closer by the minute!!!

Everett Bay ice proved stubborn over the weekend, but it has made great progress in the last day. While the area in front of the resort was about clear, a wind shift this afternoon brought the south shore ice our direction, and boy is it thin. Just like crushed ice as it comes toward shore. We scoped out some other areas, and the Everett Bay narrows are wide open with a nice flow of water heading into Big Bay. There was quite a bit of dark ice on Daisy Bay as well. We have posted pictures on our Facebook page at and our Google+ page as well.

We are looking forward seeing our usual May guests. Always a lot of fun to be had, and there is great anticipation for the aroma of that first 2014 fish fry wafting across the lawn. We have a couple spots left for the May 16th weekend – it’s time to make some plans!!

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