Lake Vermilion ice out 2019 – Everett Bay clear – April 26th.  If there is any ice left on our bay, it is tucked in the far east corner.  A trip up the road to take some video of the great sound the ice makes as it is jostled around by the waves was unproductive.  As this picture shows, looking eastward from the narrows, a boat ride would be necessary to accomplish that task.

Looking toward Big Bay open water.

               Won’t be long – 4/26/19 Big Bay

On the opposite side of our penninsula shoreline, things are still pretty tight to shore as that is the shaded side of Big Bay, but there are plenty of dark patches there too.

So when will Lake Vermilion be ice free?  It is very unusual for Big Bay to take more than a week after Everett Bay clears.  Last year some nice wind cleared it within just a few days of our bay.  The median Lake Vermilion ice out date is April 30th, and last year’s official ice out date was May 8th.  Looks like it is going to be pretty close to average.  Temperatures don’t look great, but today’s NW winds over 10 mph should help things along.

So what’s this mean?  Docks will start going in today.  We are down to just a couple spots for opener.  If you haven’t made your plans follow this link to book your cabin now.

While we have some mid-week options during May, the second weekend of the season we have just one spot open, and we are completely full for Memorial weekend starting on Saturday.  (Arrive on the Sunday, the 19th, and beat the Memorial holiday weekend bustle.)

Our to-do list is lengthy, but this is an exciting and fun time of the season.  As we spend hours in “your” cabins, we reminisce about many of the great guests we have had the opportunity to welcome each season and the fun times we’ve enjoyed.  Bring on season 20!

Stop wishing…Come fishing!