Lake Vermilion Fishing

Lake Vermilion fishing has been up and down over the past week, with plenty of walleyes showing up on the sonar and the ones that are caught showing signs that the perch hatch and crayfish are serving as their bait of choice.  It has been a little tougher to get them to bite, but those that stayed with it were eventually rewarded for their effort.

Muskie fishing has been described by many as “frustrating” with long stretches of time without action only to hit a couple hour window where multiple fish are found on the same spots.  Seemed like they had begun the transition from weeds to rocks, but the last few days seems like maybe the more than usual rain and thunder has pushed them deep.  We have had several reportings of missed fish right at the boat, and most of those that have been caught have been under 40″.   Pat Cochran was pleased to catch his Personal Best, a 49″ Lake Vermilion musky.

Fish our guests told us about include:

Smallies:  19″ Scott Taylor, 18″ Matt Taylor, 18″ Dirk Udee

Walleyes:  26″ Jay Salazar, 22″ Jay Salazar, Doug Miller, 20″ Jay Salazar, Doug Miller, 19.5″ Greta Behr

Northern:  36″  Greg Bennett

Muskies:  49″  Pat Cochran, 38″ Greg Bennett

The remainder of the season continues to fill in nicely, with the following options in August:

  • 1 bedroom, 3 nights August 3rd.
  • 3 bedroom, 4 nights August 16th.
  • A couple 2 night stay combinations the week of August 20th.
  • 2 options for the week of August 27th.

Stop wishing…..Come fishing!!

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