Lake Vermilion Fishing Report – Sept. 22, 2013

In addition to this week’s Muskie action reported on the previous post, this bite was more of the same.  “Eater” walleyes and some bigger ones.  Randy Hodgin and George Schafer had to work for what they caught, but in the end they caught a nice mix of walleyes to eat and a nice list of fish they released.  Along the same lines, the Wagner crew spent 3 days fishing Lake Vermilion and part of their time was with Lake Vermilion guide Buck Lescarbeau –  they filled out their 5 limits of eaters and caught some they released as well.  Sounds like their biggest was in the 26″ range, but don’t have the specifics on those they released.

The bite is mixed between crawlers and minnows, with the “best” bait varying from one spot to the next, so it is best to have some of each in the boat.

Fish our guests caught and told us about include:

Muskies:  49″ Tom Grogan, 42″ Tom Grogan, (Lake Vermilion guide Matt Snyder had a 50″+ as well.)

Northern:  35.5″ Rodney Corbin

Walleyes:  26.5″ George Schafer, 26″ Randy Hodgin, 23″ George Schafer, 23″ Randy Hodgin, 23″ Donna Schafer, 22″ George Schafer, 21″ X 3 Randy Hodgin, 21″ George Schafer, 20″ Randy Hodgin, 20″ George Schafer

We are a week away from closing the smaller cabins for the season, but if a fall trip is in your plans, we have limited lodging options all year long, and can often downsize a cabin to fit your needs.  Give us a call!




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