Lake Vermilion fishing report for May 2015

Lake Vermilion 2015 smallmouth bass

Ellen caught and released this 5 lb smallie on the first day of her Lake Vermilion fishing trip.

Lake Vermilion fishing report for May 2015 – The first week of the season found us catching up on our rain deficit and getting the weather we usually find in late April.  As of yesterday, the Big Bay water temp of 51 degrees was below it’s temp earlier in May.  So what’s that done to the fishing????  Well, many boats reported catching LOTS of fish, but they also reported having to stay at it to come in with perfect size skillet fish.  The future looks great as all of these 10, 11 and 12 inchers mature.   There is definitely a good bite going on right now, but persistence is the key to filling out your limit of “eaters.”   A good number of larger walleyes have been released, and many guests have enjoyed the size of the jumbo perch they have caught, and as Ellen’s picture above shows, the smallmouth bass are active too.

Some of our guests told us about the following fish:

Smallmouth Bass:  20″ Ellen Fuson, 19″ Greg Brookman, 19″Ellen Fuson, 19″ Gene Fuson, 18″ Gene Fuson.

Walleyes:  22″ Tim Coty, 21.5″ Tony Wald, 21″ Rob Hanft, 20″ Eric Noyes.

The lake level is definitely moving in the right direction with the plentiful rain we have had.  Memorial Day is quick approaching and the latter part of the week looks to bring the return of dry weather with a perfect forecast for Saturday.  If a trip north is on your list of options for the holiday weekend, give us a call or shoot us an e-mail!

Dave & Diane


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