Lake Vermilion Fishing Report June 6, 2014

Lake Vermilion walleye fishing

That’s a nice Lake Vermilion early June walleye

As another week winds down, time to summarize this past week’s catch. In general, there were many cabins that enjoyed several fish fry’s along with the chance to catch, photo and release a lot of nice fish, as evidenced by the following list. It started as early as Saturday night for Dale & Rod, who kept a nice batch for the frying pan leaving the dock at 8:30 after checking in and getting settled. We even snuck out on Wednesday evening after a dinner out at the VC, and were happy to bring home 7, release 3 too big, and feel optimistic about the future as we released several smaller ones. Not bad for one of those “let’s just go check out one spot” outings. Dennis Zweifel caught & released a 21″ smallmouth bass, finding his way to our Everett Bay Lodge Wall of Fame with that fine catch. Ron Wyckoff made good use of his short stay – he caught 2 nice walleyes – a 28.5″ & a 26.5″.

Scott Johnson wrapped up his week with an exciting story with a not-so-exciting ending. After catching 3 perfect 17″ walleyes on his last outing of the week, he knew he had a good one. He had just switched to his light tackle and was casting an artificial when the 30″ walleye added some excitement to his night. He had it boatside and was lifting it out so his son could photograph it, and the big girl had another idea. She worked her way free slipping back into the water, right where he was going to put her after the picture. On his very next cast, he caught a 24″er. Scott’s 10 year old son was the most dedicated & persistent dock fisherman of the season, with Hot Dogs as his bait of choice.

Fish our guests told us about include:
Smallies: 21″ Dennis Zweifel, 19″ Dale Rutherford, 18.5″ Scott Johnson, 18″ Rod Foster, 18″ Dale Rutherford

Walleyes: 28.5 Ron Wyckoff, 26.5″ Ron Wyckoff, 24.5″ Dennis Zweifel, 24″ Scott Johnson, 24″ Rod Foster, 24″ Merle Leitheiser, 24″ Gary Heinzel, 23.5″ Doug Harper, 22″ Gary Studanski, 22″ Scott Johnson, 22″ Dale Rutherford, 22″ Dale Rutherford, 21.5″ Doug Harper, 21″ Rod Foster, 21″ Harlan VanWyhe, 21″ Dave Clement, 21″ Dave Clement, 21″ Virgil Harren, 20.5″ Lisa Foster.

Thanks to all of you who have gotten the season off to a nice start. The pool is open, and there are limited spots open for those of you who have not yet set up your 2014 trip. Book Now!!!

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