Lake Vermilion fishing report June 30, 2013

The trend of solid walleye fishing continued again as guests that have been with us for many, many years reported this past week’s fishing to be among the best if not “the” best they have enjoyed. Again, the presentation of choice didn’t seem to matter much, as some trolled crankbaits, while others jigged or used slip bobbers. Bait choice was split between leeches and crawlers for walleyes. With the great stretch of weather the past couple days and more in the forecast, water temps continue to make their way up to the 70 degree mark.
Fish frys and limits to take home were enjoyed by many. Here is a sampling of what our guests reported to us:

27″, 24″ & 23″ Wachi Garabedian
26″, 25″ & 23″ Cathy Garabedian
24″ Steve Jankovich
24″ Kurt Zuidmulder
22″ & 21″ Patrick Snaza-Niggeler
22″ Dave Gooden
21″ Dave Lohstreter
21″ Randy Edwards
Jumbo perch have been caught as well as a good number of smallmouth bass. Ten year old Kyle checked in yesterday after telling his family on the drive up that he planned to catch a Lake Vermilion muskie this week. Three casts into the trip, and he had that task marked off his vacation “to do” list. He was 9,997 casts early, but he’ll take it!

While many weeks have little to no space left, if you have time for a trip north, please check out our availability and hopefully we can help you get a fishing trip to Lake Vermilion on the calendar!

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