Lake Vermilion Fishing Report – June 23, 2013

While the weather wasn’t the greatest, it was good enough for families to enjoy the pool and the walleye bite resulted in another week of plenty of fish to eat. There were windows of time when the bite was very steady, with some returning guests describing the week as “maybe the best” they have had during their annual weeklong visit to Lake Vermilion. A sample of the fish our guests told us about this past week include:
26.5″ Walleye – Frank Rumf
25″ Walleye – Jim Kotek
24.5″ Walleye – Chris Kotek, Jr.
23″ Walleye – Roger Kauppin
21″ Walleye – Roger Kauppin
21″ Walleye – Robert Kauppin
21″ Walleye – Chris Kotek
21″ Walleye – Jim Kotek
21″ Walleye – Harlan VanWyhe
21″ Walleye – Harlan VanWyhe

In short, the evening shoreline bite has been great and it hasn’t much mattered which presentation is used. In addition, jumbo perch were caught by a couple groups, while others enjoyed the exciting action of catching many smallmouth bass.

We purchased a sprayer to speed up the process of watering flowers around the resort a couple weeks ago, and the result has been rain frequent enough to entirely eliminate the need to water ever since we bought the sprayer. Maybe we should have done that sooner!!!

It has been great seeing so many returning guests so far this season. Looking forward to seeing those who have yet to arrive.

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