Lake Vermilion fishing report June 16, 2013

It has been another nice week of fishing as the shallow water temps rose over 10 degrees from the time guests arrived last Saturday and the time they left yesterday. Had a couple cabins that had their fill of fish fry’s and ended up their weeks with their last limit to take home – can’t get any better than that. In fact, Steve DesJardin told us as he was checking out that if someone invited him to a fish fry, he would have to decline. He had had his fill of fish!! As you will see from the sampling of fish our guests told us about, no huge walleyes, but plenty in the “too big to keep” range. Fortunately there were plenty of “eaters” and jumbo perch in the mix as well.

24″ Steve Des Jardin
23″ Dan Raleigh
23″ Lisa Foster
22″ Ray Schultz
22″ Steve Des Jardin
22″ Kathy Des Jardin
21′ Sally Rutherford
21″ Steve Des Jardin
20″ Kathy Des Jardin
20″ Steve Des Jardin
Smallmouth Bass:
19″ Rick Massey
18.5″ Rick Massey
18.5″ Rick Massey
18″ Lisa Foster
18″ Dan Raleigh
18″ Rick Massey
35″ Dale Rutherford
43″ Rod Foster

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