Lake Vermilion fishing report – July 19, 2014 – week of transition

42" Lake Vermilion muskie

First fish of the trip for Eric.

It’s been hard to write a report this season without mentioning the weather, and this past week is no exception.  The first several days caught guests leaving the dock in full rain gear, often returning a short time later when the weather got the best of them.  While there were some walleyes and bass caught, they weren’t in the numbers and size the lake has offered up about every week so far.  Guests did report a good number of jumbo perch that made for some nice fish meals, and there were some other fish cleaned, but just not nearly the numbers.

Walleyes were harder to find, as after hanging shallow and hugging the shorelines sharing space with the bass, they have finally begun their transition to deeper water, largely in the 18 to 24 ft range.  Bait preferences are still split between the leeches and crawlers, with the perch going for the crawlers.

There were some northern caught and the muskie action is starting up, with several caught, but nothing very big.  Biggest were a couple of 42’s, and a couple bigger fish were missed at the boat.  A guest told about seeing someone boat a 51.5″ muskie near the area he was fishing.  Hopefully this week will produce some larger fish.

Our guests told us about the following catches:

Walleye:  26″  Dewey Brown

23″  John Hilyar

Muskie:  42″  Wojciech Kecki

42″  Eric Larsen

While all cabins are taken this week, we have a spot next week and one the week of August 2nd due to a cancellation.  Make some plans to head north.  Some of the best fishing is just around the corner!

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