Lake Vermilion fishing report – August 3, 2014

Lake Vermilion walleye fishing

The Bergerons on their way to clean their catch.

July wrapped up with a nice rebound for walleye fishing.  After a couple weeks of more difficult walleye fishing than we’d seen all season, things were back on track for many of our guests – both Lake Vermilion returners and several Lake Vermilion first timers.  As is normal for this time of year, both walleyes and crawlers produced fish, with numbers coming on crawlers and bigger fish liking the leeches – but that depended on who you ask.  When they were biting, it didn’t seem to matter much.  Fish were caught early, fish were caught late, and the Bergerons even nailed them when it was flat calm and sunny in the middle of the day.

Smallmouth fishing was hot as well, with the tried and true leech and slip bobber bringing the best results.  Lots of fish over 4 lbs were reported.  The musky action was a little more inconsistent.  Fish were seen, fish were missed, and Mark Bergeron boated a 40″er.  He topped that with a 40.5″ Northern.  After eating walleyes here and packing their 2 limits to take home, they switched their attention to Northerns and had a great outing at one of Dave’s favorite northern spots.  Amanda caught a nice 34″er and they had a lot of fun catching many more.  Add the jumbo perch that were described as “the biggest they had ever seen,” and it was a week of nice fishing.

Here’s what the list looks like:

Northern:  40.5″  Mark Bergeron, 34″ Amanda Conway

Musky:  40″  Mark Bergeron

Walleyes:  26″ Doug Miller, 25″ Sam Miller, 25″ Kaitlyn Dietschweiler, 24″ Kaitlyn Dietschweiler, 23.5″ Stephanie Bergeron, 22.5″ Ness Weinzierl, 22.5″ Nessa Weinzierl, 22.5 Lisa Bergeron, 22.5″  Mike Bergeron, 22″ Eric Gooden, 22″ Sam Miller, 22″ Mark Bergeron, 21″ Josh Conway, 21″ Aaron Bennett, 21″ Tara Moser, 21″ Eric Dietschweiler, 20.5″ Jenna Moser, 20″ Allie Miller

Smallmouth Bass: 22″ Dave Dietschweiler, 21″ Kiersten Dietschweiler, 21″ Jenna Moser, 21″ Kaitlyn Dietschweiler, 20″ Tara Moser, 20″ Eric Dietschweiler, 20″ Kylie Moser, 19.5 David Wojtkiewicz, Jr.

If you haven’t made your Lake Vermilion plans for this season yet, time is racing by.  We have one opening beginning August 18th, and a few more for the week of Aug. 23rd.


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