Lake Vermilion Fishing Report – August 18, 2013

The past week was noteworthy for its cooler than normal temperatures, with a couple nights falling down below 40 degrees.  As one would guess, the fishing was inconsistent, with a mix of “eater” walleyes, some jumbo perch and nice smallies among those caught.  The muskie fishing was sporadic, with days of seeing fish followed by days of nothing going on.  The Brennans boated a 31″ and saw others, but did not find the right combination to get them to go.   The more normal weekend weather seemed to bring more productive walleye fishing, with Lake Vermilion guide Buck Lescarbeau having success with a group he took out on Sunday.  The largest came in at 22″, but as our facebook pictures show (, they caught plenty of fish to eat.  The Dubbelde crew did well on Sunday as well, and even though their stay was a short one, they caught walleyes to take home for a fish fry.  We were able to get out for a short window one afternoon, and we too caught enough for a nice fish lunch.

Walleyes were caught on mud flats and adjacent to rocky points, primarily on 1/2 crawler.

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