Lake Vermilion Fishing Report – August 10, 2013

Where has summer gone?  Without a calendar, would have been sure it was late August or early September.  Sounds like things all across the Midwest are cooler than normal.  At any rate, for those on vacation, it meant a sweatshirt and a really chilly morning in the cabin if they slept with the windows open.

The walleyes were especially affected, as one cold front after another pushed its way through late in the week.  Several families/groups were still able to enjoy a fish fry or two, but they had to work for them.  Looks like a little more stability in the coming week.

As for fish our guests told us about, the muskies and bass seemed to be the most cooperative.

Lake Vermilion Muskies:

48″ Josh Lovell, 47″ Joe Richie, 46.5″ Dave Gooden, 45″ Joe Richie, 43″ Jerry Lovell

Lake Vermilion Smallmouth Bass:

19.5″ Keven Fitzgerald, 19.5″ Dave Sue, 18.5″ Jeff Wenc, 18.5″ Bill Fitzgerald,  18″ Ed Siedlecki caught 2.

Lake Vermilion Largemouth Bass:

18.5″ Jerry Lovell

Lake Vermilion Walleyes:

23″ Jeff Wenc, 23″ Dave Popp, 22″ Jim Rush, 20″ Dennis Dufner

While the weather wasn’t the greatest, we enjoyed welcoming the Roesch family back, and it’s always a fun week when the Fitzgerald crew hits Lake Vermilion.

Had a change of plans that freed up a Labor Day spot.  Let us know if a trip north to Everett Bay Lodge fits your plans!

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