Lake Vermilion fishing opener

Lake Vermilion fishing opener

Lake Vermilion fishing opener


Lake Vermilion fishing opener report – Everett Bay Lodge guests reported mixed results this past weekend, with many groups reporting catching their limits.  Based on the activity in the fish cleaning shack, those pesky 10 & 11 inchers of last May have grown into some very nice eaters.  While cleaning cabins for the next crew of arrivals, the aroma made it obvious there were a good number of fish frys over the weekend.

On Saturday an hour long outing for Dave & Val produced 3 perfect keepers, the first caught by Val before Dad even had his line in the water.  Seemed like the catching came a little easier on Sunday for most guests, with leeches and minnows both producing fish.  Lake Vermilion water temps that had risen to nearly 60 degrees in Everett Bay and 55 in Big Bay came back down when the colder weather set in late last week.  Saturday deeper water temps were around 49 while Everett Bay was down to 51 degrees.  Some much needed rain has settled in on the area.

We were a little less than diligent in our recording of info for this week’s fish report, but here is sampling of what was caught.

The following walleyes were caught & released:  24″: Bob Clough.  23″: Shane Holman.  22″: John Whitcraft.  22″: Jeff Addicks.  21″: Tyler Glad.

Several nice jumbo perch and some very good smallies were caught as well.  One group had a nice pre-opener crappie outing as well.

It was wonderful to see “opener” guests who we had missed the last couple of years with late ice-out.  There are a handful of anglers spending the whole week with us, and Thursday starts the arrival of many returning guests who always spend the second weekend of the season with us.   They know how to catch them!

One spot is left for the upcoming weekend.  If you are pondering a trip north, pick up the phone or shoot us an e-mail.

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