Lake Vermilion Fishing Opener Through the Ice?

Well not much ice progress has been made yet. The Pike River dam is not running forcefully enough to make much progress. Last night I heard that it was going to turn much warmer next week, going from winter to summer immediately. We can only hope! In the mean time, we’re supposed to get another snow storm starting tomorrow evening, 1-3 inches. Looks like the bend at the Lake Vermilion Walleye Hatchery has open water. Stay tuned for more updates.

Working on some cabin bathroom projects for cabins 8 and 9. Definitely staying busy. Dave

6 comments on “Lake Vermilion Fishing Opener Through the Ice?

  1. Peter Spong says:

    Hello Dave,
    I heard there is still at least 2 feet of ice up there still!
    We are really hoping that it will be clear by opener.
    Don’t want to have a photo of us again in the local paper
    Stuck in the bay from ice!
    Take care,

    • Everett Bay Lodge says:

      Yea, I’m with you Pete. May have to have my auger down by the campfire if things don’t warm up real soon. See you soon. Dave

  2. Jenn Toney says:

    Well we won’t be there this wknd… 🙁 Decided to push it out another wk. We are on hoodoo point…hopefully the ice will be gone!!! Told dad we can put the motor on the boat up take some pitch forks and ice boat to our island…(hoodoo point is where our boat house is) lol. Dad is still freaking out!!! Good luck to all this wknd!!! Excited to be back up there!!!!!

  3. Dustin says:

    Good luck to everyone going fishing.

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