Lake Vermilion fishing news June 10th is varied in both success and species being caught.  We had a resort full of many returning guests who are usually a pretty good barometer of the fishing.  It was up and down.  Some cabins had their usual fish frys and took limits home while others seemed to struggle a bit.  There were definitely some hot bite windows.  These made a mediocre day into a fantastic one in just a short amount of time.  These two photos are what we are talking about – a mid day window that produced two limits.  The smallest was just over 17 1/2″ and the largest just a touch under the 20″ mark.

Two men with walleyes caught on Lake Vermilion

June catch.


Man cleaning walleyes at Everett Bay Lodge

2 perfect limits

Several guests reported catching strong numbers of walleyes that were too small for the skillet.  As expected, many were rewarded when they stayed at it and changed up their presentation.  Minnows caught some fish but as the week progressed leeches seemed to be the bait of choice for the walleyes.  The crawler bite started to come around too.

Bass action was good with reports of nice numbers early in the week leading to bigger size fish later in the week.  While we fully expected the smallmouth bass fishing to pick up where it left off after last year’s great season, the largemouth bass size seems to be very good this year too.  The Hoosier crew of Todd, Reynolds and Smith reported catching at least ten in the 4+ – 5 1/2 lb range.  And, they mixed their targets up catching walleyes, northern and a nice muskie too.

Jumbo perch were a popular prize as well.  Those who hit the honey hole came in with some really nice 9 – 12″+ jumbos.  Crappies for the McCray party and the same sort of largemouth, smallmouth, walleye and a muskie mix made for some productive days on the pontoon.

A 45″ muskie for 78 year old Jerry Malmin added some excitement to their group’s last outing of the stay.  “We’re gonna need a bigger net” was fortunately followed up by the timely arrival of some muskie fisherman (one who was celebrating his wedding at the Fortune Bay tent the next day).  They netted, measured, helped with the photo and ensured the safe release of the biggest fish of Jerry’s life.

Man holding Lake Vermilion musky

    Lake Vermilion June musky

Here are some of the fish we heard about:

  • WALLEYES:  25.5″ Dale Sana, 24.5″ Rob Reynolds, 24″ Paul Emlund, 23″ Kerry Dunlap, 22″ Merle Leitheiser, 22″ Paul Emlund, 20″ Rob Reynolds.
  • NORTHERNS:  39″ Art Lewandowski, 36″ Jim Todd, 34″ Dean Sana.
  • LARGEMOUTH BASS:  20″ Rob Reynolds, 20″ Jim Todd, 20″ Rich Fouts, 20″ Pete Rairdon, 20″ Kerry Dunlap, 20″ Al Smith, 19″ Rob Reynolds, 19″ Rich Fouts, 19″ Pete Rairdon, 19″ Kerry Dunlap.
  • SMALLMOUTH BASS:  20″ Rich Fouts, 20″ Jim Todd, 19.5″ Christian Sana, 19″ Al Smith, 19″ Rob Reynolds, 19″ Jim Todd, 19″ Dean Sana, 19″ Christian Sana X 2.
  • MUSKIES:  46″ Al Smith, 45″ Jerry Malmin, 42″ Rich Fouts.

Thanks to all who shared some photos.  We’ve shared several here:

Make you want to go fishing?  If so, let’s get your visit on the book.  From now till the end of July, there is one cabin left, Cabin 2 for the week of July 6th. Then later in July there are 3 nights in Cabin 3 starting July 30th.

With some warm days we saw the water temp start to climb, but as of early this morning, water temps were still pretty strange.  Everett Bay was 56.5 degrees, the main basin in Big Bay was slightly warmer at 58.5 degrees, and the north side of Big Bay was 62 degrees.  Today’s sun will add some warmth.

Stop wishing….come fishing!