Lake Vermilion fishing mid-May has gotten mixed reviews.   Depends on who you ask AND when you ask them.  We had 9 out of 10 cabins with returning guests this past weekend, so it was a pretty experienced Lake Vermilion crowd.  While the City Auto Glass teams had to endure the conditions on Saturday, others found the cold wind and spotty showers a deterrent.  For many the weather cut down their usual time on the water this year.

Like opener weekend, there were a lot of fish caught, but not everyone got as many in the 15″+ range as they would like.  Several cabins had their annual fish fry and others took their limits home.  Lots of small fish continue to provide action, especially on the deeper spots.  More big fish were caught shallow, as is expected.

The latter part of the week the guys pre-fishing for the 2019 Lake Vermilion City Auto Glass tourney had to work for their fish.  Jake Doherty likely wished the date on the calendar was a day later as he caught this personal best 30.5″ walleye on Friday.  One day later and that fish would have made quite an impact on his tournament prize money!  Maybe a repeat of he and Dan’s 2017 tournament victory.  That walleye along with a 20″ small mouth he caught put 2 more fish on our EBL wall.  Shane Holman added to team Glad/Holman prize money with the nice 26.5″ walleye shown below.

See more about the City Auto Glass tourney here:

Jake Doherty with 30.5" Lake Vermilion walleye

Lake Vermilion walleye 30.5″Jake Doherty Lake Vermilion small mouth bass                               Jake with a dandy!

Shane Holman 26.5 Lake Vermilion walleye

Shane with a 26.5 incher

Even though many would consider this a tough start to the season, these are some of the fish we heard about:


  • 30.5″ Jake Doherty
  • 26.5″ Shane Holman
  • 25.5″ Dan Doherty
  • 25″ Dan Doherty (X 2)
  • 24.5″ Jake Doherty
  • 24″ Bob Geiselman
  • 23.5″ Shane Holman, Tyler Glad
  • 23″ Anthony Herrmann, Dan Doherty
  • 22.5″ Tyler Glad, Shane Holman
  • 22″ Tyler Glad, Shane Holman
  • 21.5″ Anthony Herrmann
  • 21″ Todd Shansberg (X 2), Dan Doherty

Smallmouth Bass:

  • 20″ Jake Doherty

So what’s the water temperature on Lake Vermilion?  Not much different than a week ago.  While it had made its way up over 55 degrees, last evening it was down to 47 degrees again, with a really cold night on tap last night.  There isn’t a 70 degree day in the 10 day forecast right now, so it may still be a while before things heat up.  Quite a difference from last year when this week was unusually warm.

Thinking about a trip to Lake Vermilion this summer?  Now is the time to set it up.  Memorial Day weekend and the remainder of that week are about full but there are some mid-week spots yet this week.  For June there are 3 nights left, June 5 – 7.  There are 3 weeks left in July, one cabin each week of July 6th, July 20th, and July 27th.  Dave is busy getting the pool ready – it has to get warm some time!

Stop wishing…come fishing!