Lake Vermilion fishing mid August

Lake Vermilion fishing mid August found most of last week’s guests doing well.  Some PR muskies were caught, like the 52″ caught by Mark Presnail, and a good number of guests made daily trips to the bait house to clean their catch of Lake Vermilion walleyes.  There were several walleyes too big to keep, but eater size walleyes and perch were plentiful, with several guests reporting eating fish every day and replenishing their limits to take some home as well.  Prior to checking in yesterday the Larsens had already boated 3 muskies, including the nice 50.5″ caught by Eric, shown below.  Niel Veirup started his week off with a 45″ muskie yesterday.

Fall is in the air as the leaves are turning and beginning to drop.  Water temp was hovering around 74 degrees, but a mid 40 degree morning today has bumped it down a bit.  The ten day outlook shows another short stint of 80 degree days, but then it looks like the the usual 70 degree highs are going to set in.  These upcoming weeks are some of the best times on the lake.  Big fish are eating and the weather and scenery is hard to beat.

Some of the fish our guests caught & released last week include:

  • Walleyes:  25″ Corby Urban, 25″ Amy Zachary, 23″ Corby Urban, 23″ Corby Urban, 20″ Kevin Glaeser.
  • Small mouth Bass:  19″ Mike Sears, 18.75″ Jameson Czarnecki, 18″ Nick Glaeser.
  • Muskies:  52″ Mark Presnail, 46″ Rian Robarge, 40.5″ Mark Presnail.

As we get ready to flip the calendar to September, now is the time to lock in your last fall trip north to Lake Vermilion.


Lake Vermilion 50.5" Muskie 2016

Lake Vermilion muskie fishing 2016

Stop wishing…..come fishing!


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