Lake Vermilion fishing June 27, 2015

Lake Vermilion walleye fishing 2015

Rick Rozycki Lake Vermilion June 2015

Lake Vermilion fishing June 27, 2015 report finds a week of several good size fish taking center stage.  While the season started out as one of many 10 – 12 inch walleyes pointing to strong future years, the past week was one of most catchers reporting 1/2 of their fish falling in the catch and release range.  Many guests such as Rick Rozycki shown above with a nice 27″ Lake Vermilion walleye (as one of his boat mates catches a 18.5″ walleye in the background) had fun catching bigger fish.  Many groups caught enough eaters for the usual fish frys and  Jumbo Perch were enjoyed by a few groups as well.   The last week of June wouldn’t be complete without the annual Toleno/Wagner fish fry photo, found on our Facebook page.   The mayfly hatch continues to work its way toward completion, with most guests finding leeches and crawlers as the bait of choice for walleyes.

Fish our guests caught & released include:

Walleyes: 27″ Rick Rozycki – 26.5″ Casey Saltarski – 26″ Tommy Saltarski – 24″ Tommy Saltarski, Casey Saltarski, Cindy Saltarski – 23.5″ Joel Wagner – 23″ Cindy Saltarski, Tom David, Casey Saltarski, Terry Rozycki, Kyle Rozycki, Bill Kellerhan, 22″ Tommy Saltarski, Tony Saltarski, Kyle Rozycki, Terry Rozycki, – 21″ Jordan Wagner, Tom David, Joe Collette – 20″ Tammy Toleno, Joel Wagner.

Smallmouth Bass: 19.5″ Kyle Rozycki – 19″ Rick Rozycki, Casey Saltarski – 18.5″ Tony Saltarski

Hard to believe its about time to flip the calendar to July, so if you are still pondering that trip North, don’t delay.  Make some plans!


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