Lake Vermilion Fishing June 15, 2014

Lots of fish being cleaned. That’s the short end of the update. In addition, this past week found Bob Kmoch, one of our favorite Smallmouth Bass guys, catching and releasing his usual numbers. He estimated at least 18 that were 18 inches or bigger for the week, and started out boating 25 smallies the evening he arrived. His largest was 4.5 pounds, and he added a 41.5″ northern and some walleyes in the mix as well. It was great to see Cathy and three generations of Kmochs back on cabin 7’s dock.

The Udchitz crew had their typical week of multi-species action, with Big Daddy boating a 43″ muskie along with their usual mix of bass, walleye, perch and northern. Annette Jacobson caught & released a 26.5″ walleye – her largest.

The rain did get in the way of most fishing on Thursday, but Friday was a special treat as we snuck out for a few hours late that afternoon, and boated the ideal mixed bag of walleyes. Kept 4 perfect fish for dinner (just under 18″) – enough for all 4 of us – and released 5 that were bigger, missing 2 more big ones at the boat while booking a cabin on the cell phone. Not so good at multitasking!

All in all, the fishing was good and we had a nice mix of returning and first time guests who caught fish as well. The list of fish our guests told us about follows:

Northern – Bob Kmoch 41.5″
Muskie – Dave Kellogg 43″
John Wettergren 36″
Smallmouth Bass – Bob Kmoch 19.5″, 19″, 18.5″, 18.5″, 18″, 18″……you get the idea.
Nicole Adams 18″, 18″
Derek Kmoch 18.5″, 18″
Walleye – Annette Jacobson 26.25″
Todd Mulonich 25″
Scott Johnson 24″, 23″
Brad James 24″
Rudy Cvetkovich 23.5″
Zach Udchitz 23″, 21″, 21″
Bob Kmoch 23″, 21″, 20″
Dennis White 22.5, 22.5
John Wettergren 22″
Dave Gooden 21.5″
Eileen Lindsay 20″
Russ Allen 20″, 20″

We have one spot open next week if you are looking to head north! Had some promises of fish pictures to be sent, so we’ll post them as they come in to us.

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