Lake Vermilion fishing highlights – June 29, 2014

Lake Vermilion Tiger Musky

Goose caught this rare Lake Vermilion Tiger Musky

Conrad Jasinski IV, or “Goose”, had a rare catch of a Tiger Musky – a beautifully marked fish. As first-timers on Lake Vermilion, he and his dad, Connie, did a great job of exploring some new spots and catching fish to eat here as well as take back home. As has been the case all season, they too caught and released a good number of walleyes.

The Toleno/Wagner/Munson crew spent their annual week on the lake with us, and Tammy was kind enough to share some of her great photos. You can view many Lake Vermilion highlights on our Facebook page where her pictures are posted in an album.

In a nutshell, the weather has not been what vacationers and fishermen would request. We are on the brink of passing 7″ of rain for the month. The bass fishing was good this past week for Bob Rosetter, as he and Richard boated over 100, with several over 19 inches, both largemouth and smallies. They picked up lots of walleyes as well. Jerry Lovell found the muskies showing up on the rocks while his son Josh caught a nice 20″ smallmouth bass. The high humidity the past 2 days had Dave wishing his weed trimmer could be replaced by his muskie rod. He is biting at the bit!

It was more of the same with the walleyes. The Saltarskis caught their usual numbers, with limits to take home and plenty of bigger ones. No question there is a healthy range of walleye size – too big, too little and just right. Bait preferences were again mixed between crawlers and leeches, and one group even found minnows to be their “go to” bait. Slip-bobbers, lindy-rigs and shallow crankbaits continue to catch fish. As far as the mayflies go, there have been some smaller hatches in scattered areas, but nothing major so far.

Fish our guests told us about this past week include:
Smallmouth Bass: 20″ Josh Lovell
19.5″ – Dick McConnell
19″ – Dick McConnell, Josh Lovell, Jerry Lovell
18.5″ – Bill Rosetter
18″ – Connie Jasinski

Largemouth Bass: 19.5″ – Bill Rosetter
19″ – Bill Rosetter

Walleye: 24″ – Lauren Munson, Connie Jasinski
23″ – Bill Rosetter, Connie Jasinski
22″ – Dieter Schmidtke, Connie Jasinski, Dick McConnell, Bill Rosetter
21.5″ – Conrad Jasinski IV
21″ – Connie Jasinski, Conrad Jasinski IV, Terri Wagner, Bill Rosetter
20.5″ – Connie Jasinski
20″ – Tammy Toleno, John Toleno, Jordan Wagner, Conrad Jasinski IV, Connie Jasinski

There were several Northern in the 30″ range caught and released as well.

All in all, thought it was a great week – that is until Diane’s Merrillville Pirates high school rival had to go and cheer “Go Brickies” as he left the lodge at check – out. Those Hobart Brickies are ruthless fans!

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