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Lake Vermilion fishing was a little more inconsistent this past week —- just like the weather.   While several cabins did okay, things were not as easy as others would have liked.  In short, the shallow bite continues to be the most consistent, and it doesn’t matter if you slip bobber during the day or troll crankbaits shallow in the evening.

Some smallmouth bass guys caught limits of eater walleyes on several outings, and had to work a little harder for the smallies than the prior couple weeks.  Jim Todd caught and released his PR smallie, at 21.25″.  (See picture here: )    He and his boat mates caught plenty of bass, both large & smallmouth.  They reported a good day while others seemed to struggle a bit.  More than usual, the key was to move around until you found the structure holding fish.  There were several largemouth bass and northerns caught, a couple 38″ on the pike.

Some of the fish our guests caught include:

Northerns:  38″ Robb Reynolds, 38″ Annette Jacobsen

Largemouth Bass:  19″ Robb Reynolds, 19″ Al Smith, 19″ Jim Todd

Smallmouth Bass:  21.25″  Jim Todd, 19.5″ Al Smith, 19″ Bob Kmoch, 19″ Trevor Sumption, 18″ Tim Magee X 2

Walleyes:  25″ Al Smith, 22″ Les Rolfson, 22″ Cayden Sumption, 21″ Tim Magee, 20.5″ Jodey Sumption

Hard to believe we are already past the half way point of June  —  we all know what that means.  Get that late August or September trip on the book.  Booked 2 of them today.

Stop wishing…..come fishing!


2 comments on “Lake Vermilion fishing

  1. Tim Bianco says:

    I’ve fished both ends of this lake several times while anyone who fishs for walleye know what a fickle thing they can be… I’ve done far better and more consistently catching better fish here . (Everetts bay)
    Dave and Diane are as gracious of host as you’re going to find here on Vermilion.
    My wife and I had a great time taking on the challenge of the shifting winds and locating fish when the Walleyes didn’t seem to cooperate we switched to the lee side of islands and structure (as well as inside the bay) to find both largemouth and smallmouth bass of good size and fight.
    It’s what you make of it mostly you move around and keep trying . I was afraid Janet(my wife ) would get discouraged but she was a trooper catching a great variety of smallies wallieyes and northern and perch and nice largemouth .
    I love coming here and I plan to return next year as there’s nothing like this Lake where I live in Northwest Indiana . I can easily say if you’re not out with a guide on Lake Michigan you’re getting skunked … Vermilion on the other hand is perfect in that the average guy can go out and find fish of some sort somewhere on structure and have some fun. Bluegills are plentiful and delicious!
    That is why I try to get up here every year . There’s just a tension breaking forget all the day to day garbage about being here for me . I’ll always , as long as I’m blessed enough to come up here will be booking a cabin with Diane and Dave !

  2. Everett Bay Lodge says:

    Tim –

    First of all, thanks for staying with us again. It was nice to meet Janet. Always great to have you here at the resort. We appreciate you taking time to share your comment about your recent stay, and look forward to seeing you both back up here again soon!

    D & D

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