Lake Vermilion Fish Report – August 25, 2013

Making up for lost time as it relates to the warm days this past week.  After cooler than expected temps for the previous several weeks, this past week was well above average for daytime high temps, but the wind that accompanied it made things a little more comfortable.  We had some first time guests with us this past week, and walleye success was mixed.  A couple groups caught more than average numbers of smaller walleyes, which bodes well for coming years, but also caught enough “eaters” to enjoy fresh fried walleye.  A good number of bass were caught as well, mainly smallies, with many in the 15 to 17.5″ range.   The Ring brothers caught some bigger walleyes along with a couple good northerns.

The Frazers had their sights set on muskies, and see them they did.  In fact, at one spot they saw 5 fish, 4 of them all around the same boulder, interested but not aggressive enough to take the bait.

The following fish were reported by our guests:

24″ Walleye – Clint Ring

22″ Walleye – Thongla Phommachack

20″ Walleye – Clyde Ring

20″ Walleye – Dave Gooden

37″ Northern – Clint Ring

37″ Northern – Clyde Ring

Eric went out this afternoon and caught a nice mix with a handful of eaters, 2 slot fish, and a “big one” he saw but didn’t land.   His conclusion is that the bigger fish were deeper, in the 30 -34′ depth.  Crawlers continue to be the bait of choice.

September prime walleye fishing is just around the corner and if this fall is like last, the muskie action will only get better.  If you don’t have your fall visit to Everett Bay Lodge set up, it is time to book your spot!

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