Lake Vermilion family resort fun was the name of the game last week.  From campfires, to paddle boarding, to swimming, to tether ball… family vacation season was in full swing.     Add in some impressive evening volleyball, and things were hopping!

How was the fishing?  Never a popular answer, but it really depended on who you asked.  Some guests did well all week long, while it didn’t come as easy for others.  Those that broadened their scope and chased bass, perch and northern had success early in the week when the walleyes were a bit finicky.  Fortunately toward the end of the week the walleye bite improved for several guests.  A last day of vacation walleye outing of 30+ fish for the Slaters was a chance for young Nolan to catch his first unassisted walleye – a 14 incher – which he then followed up with a nice jumbo perch for good measure.  Atta boy!

The extended Webster crew caught good numbers of bass (many 3 pounders) and several northern as well, and got some walleyes as the week was coming to an end.  Many muskies were seen, with just a few making it to the net.   Some of the fish we heard about included a 38″ northern for Tim Weisensel, a 19″ smallie for Brian Enlow, an 18″ smallie for Cayatano Ledsma, a 19″ largemouth for Kameron Adcock, a 45″ musky for Tim Weisensel, and stories of some missed opportunities.

The Lake Vermilion water temp is currently 74 degrees, with a cool night in the 40’s last night.  Great for sleeping.  It took things a while to warm up this morning.

Want to come to Lake Vermilion?  The remainder of July and the first two weeks of August are booked solid, but there is a 3 night stay August 14th and another 3 night stay August 17th.  The week of the 24th things are a little quieter in advance of the Labor Day holiday.  September will be here before you know it.  Let’s get that early fall trip on the book!

Stop wishing…come fishing!