Lake Vermilion Early June fishing

Lake Vermilion early June fishing is producing an abundance of walleyes and smallmouth bass.  While the lake has continued to rise with the steady doses of rain we have gotten, those who have ventured out in the sometimes less than comfortable conditions have been rewarded.   With plenty of fish to eat throughout the week and a limit of walleyes for each of their crew to take home, Virgil’s gang had a good week of fishing during their annual Lake Vermilion fishing trip.  Leeches were the bait of choice for them.  They found the spots to catch keepers that were just approaching the 18″ slot – perfect eaters!

Along the same lines, those that had their sights set on Lake Vermilion smallmouth bass had terrific success, with the Wiggins group reporting their “best ever” Lake Vermilion smallmouth bass fishing.  First time guests Jim Todd and Robb Reynolds made their way up from Indiana and found the smallmouth bass to be worth the drive.  They caught at least 6 over 18 inches, the largest a 20.5 inch beauty.  Visit our Facebook page: Everett.Bay.Lodge.Lake.Vermilion if you want to see a picture of that one!  Dave Gunderson organized another group from Indiana, and while they caught some decent smallies and walleyes, they were surprised by the multi-species variety of Lake Vermilion, catching 8 or 9 different kinds of fish during their stay.

Add to that the Schmeicher’s report of the huge muskie with flared gills and open mouth trailing a 14″ northern right up to the boat, and it was the making for a very nice week – a great way to start June.

Had a couple guys jump on the Everett Bay Lodge Wall of Fame – Jim Todd with a 20.5″ Smallmouth bass, and Brett Wiggins with a 20″ Largemouth bass.  Actually Jim could go up twice as he had a 20″ smallie as well.

Fish our guests told us about include:

Walleyes: 23″ Merle Leitheiser, 22″ Dave Clement & Austin Walker, 21.5″ Dave Gunderson, 21″ Jim Todd & Brad Wiggins, 20″ Gary Studanski.

Smallies: 20.5″ Jim Todd, 20″ Jim Todd, 19.5″ Jim Todd & Robb Reynolds, 19″ Dave Morgan, Jim Todd & Dave Morgan; 18.5″ Robb Reynolds, 18″ Dave Gunderson x 2, Robb Reynolds, & Jim Todd.

Largemouth Bass: 20″ Brett Wiggins

Northern: 35″ Robb Reynolds

Water temps are around 63 degrees, with the past week’s rain and plentiful clouds holding it steady there.  The upcoming week’s forecast of 70 degrees or more every day will continue to help the water heat up.  If you are considering a trip up north in the next few weeks, give us a shout.

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