Lake Vermilion early June fishing

Lake Vermilion early June fishing starts off with the weather taking the spotlight.  Our guests’ results were mixed with rain gear a mainstay.  We had a few first timers on the lake who spent some time getting their bearings, but as the week moved along so did the catching, especially for the Fritz guys who caught both larger walleyes and several to eat, taking some home as well.  They also got into some really nice jumbo perch.

Lake Vermilion bass fishing has been a little inconsistent with the weather seeming to play a big part in that too.  The couple days of stable weather were productive, but those days with pop up showers and thunder in the distance were a little tougher.   Lake Vermilion early June fishing can be a bit unpredictable.

Fish our guests told us about include:

Walleyes:  24″ Mike Fritz, Mike Fritz, Jr.

23″ Mike Fritz

20″ Mike Fritz, Mike Fritz, Jr.

Largemouth Bass:

18″  Tim Magee X 2

Smallmouth Bass:

19″  Tim Magee

18″  Tim Magee X 4

Would like to report that the cool wet weather has left the area, but a look ahead shows the nighttime lows will likely continue to delay the water temp rise we would expect to be seeing this time in June.  If the forecast holds true, late in the week we should see some highs in the upper 70’s and even a peak at 80 degrees.

Stop wishing…Come fishing!!




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