Lake Vermilion August fishing

Lake Vermilion August fishing this past week was good at times, and a struggle largely due to unusual weather at other times.  Some first time Lake Vermilion anglers caught their limits to take caught home and ate fish here too, but it wasn’t that easy for everyone.  Smallies continue to be the most active catch, with a good number of 3 + pounders caught & released.  Three muskies were reported between 44 & 47 inches.  Fish our guests told us about were:

Walleyes:              23″  Mike Hensley –  22″  Greg Olson, Steve Terrell –  21″  Sandy Olson

Northerns:               34″ Joe Graczyk

Large mouth Bass: 19″ Frank Graczyk

Small mouth Bass:  19″ Frank Graczyk, Terry Borowski, Joe Graczyk, Shawn McCoy

18.5″ Frank Graczyk, Joe Graczyk, Shawn McCoy

18″  Mark Ewert, Joe Graczyk, Shawn McCoy, Frank Graczyk

Wish we could report the weather has returned to normal, but the first part of this week looks to have some unseasonably cold temps hanging around for a couple more days.  Labor Day is just around the corner, so call now to make your plans for one last trip north!



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