Lake Vermilion 2015 season winding down @ Everett Bay Lodge

Greetings from the Northwoods!  Last year at this time the ice had completely covered Everett Bay.  What a difference a year can make!   So far the fall has turned out to be one of the most mild we can recall.  Nonetheless, it is time to wrap up the resort season and look ahead to 2016, our 17th season at the resort.

As fishing years go, “inconsistent” would probably be the single word that best describes 2015.  When it was good, it was good – but from one day to the next seemed like the fish, especially the walleyes, were on the move.   A day of great success and a return to the same spot the next day often resulted in either “not much on the graph” or wide pods of fish with little to no interest in the bait.  Like last year, the smallmouth bass were described by many as “the best ever!” and there were some Northern over 40” caught too.  The musky fishing also seemed a bit inconsistent, with some groups having their best outings to date, yet others finding things to be a bit more challenging.  There were a good number of large ones caught, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t highlight the week Zach Brennan had.  He caught and released a total of 7 muskies, with 3 over 50”, the largest a PR at 53.5”.  Not a bad way for a young guy to celebrate his high school graduation, eh?

As usual, this fall provided the chance to work on some year-end projects.   With all the cabin roof replacements complete, the exterior painting project became the biggie.  Add to that the replacement of all swimming pool tile and the leveling of cabin 4, new windows on the front of cabin 6 and we find ourselves wondering where November has gone.   We are waiting for the arrival of a new 2016 Palm Beach pontoon.

After several days of steady rain and plenty of wind, the skim of ice that was starting to form has been disrupted.   As this photo shows, the white stuff has arrived, but with some daytime highs above freezing next week, hard to tell whether this round of snow is here to stay or not.

end of season 2015

Lake Vermilion Everett Bay Lodge November 2015


To all of you that made Everett Bay Lodge your 2015 Lake Vermilion home, we say “Thank you!” and to those of you who have your plans set for 2016, we say “See you soon!”

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