Lake Vermilion 2014 season winding down

We continue to work our way through the season wrap up “to do” list, but couldn’t help ourselves on Wednesday when we couldn’t resist the urge to head out on the lake one last time.  While it was a windy day, it didn’t stop the walleyes from aggressively hammering our minnows – chubs and light pike – didn’t seem to matter which.  Caught plenty to eat, more than enough for a family fish fry with some jumbo perch and a crappie added to the skillet.   The picture below is a nice walleye Dave caught & released.

Earlier this month we had some walleye groups that didn’t go hungry.  They reported catching plenty to eat, although they did have to sort through a good number of smaller fish until the bigger ones would move in.  A couple of muskie guys reported catching 3 and a big northern as well, the largest muskie a 48″er.  We look forward to the return of a group of serious muskie fisherman for the first week of November, and by the looks of the forecast, the cold weather they hope for is just around the bend.  Almost 70 degrees on tap for today, but tree work is on the docket so the boat is likely in for the season.

We are about a week away from shifting gears and hitting the “indoor” projects, so we just want to remind any of you that said you would send pictures – now is the time!  We appreciate any and all of your shared photos.

October walleyes on Lake Vermilion

October walleyes on Lake Vermilion

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