June kicks off strong on Lake Vermilion with most of our guests pleased with their outings.  With many returning guests this past week, they took the lousy weather of Saturday evening in stride and started their fishing on Sunday.  Virgil’s crew of 8 had a fish fry every other day and caught the last 5 they needed on Thursday afternoon for each guy to take his limit home on Friday.  They know how to make the most of their 5 days on the water.

June 2018 Fish Fry

                              June 2018 fresh walleyes

Matt Ashbeck was one away from a straight flush, catching a 22″, 23″, 24″ & 25″.   He returned the net tending honors for his boat mate when Ron Felker boated this 20″ smallie making his way to our Wall of Fame.  You can see Matt’s photos on our Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/Everett.Bay.Lodge.Lake.Vermilion

Lake Vermilion June 2018

                         Ron Felker 20″ June 2018

The Rutherfords and Fosters caught their usual mix of eaters and slot fish, and the Cole Hoffmann shared several photos of some nice fish he caught & released.

Lake Vermlion Smallie June 2018

Cole 19.25″ June 2018

Lake Vermilion walleye June 2018

Cole June 2018 26″

Lake Vermilion smallie June 2018

Cole – June 2018 19.5″

So how did they do it?  Really there was no dominant method.  Lindy rigs, slip bobbers, crankbaits and plastics all caught fish.  Leeches were hands down the live bait of choice and yesterday’s water temp on the main basin was 65 degrees.   Plenty of northerns, many in the slot, were caught in shallow bays.

Some of the fish we heard about included:

Walleyes:  26″ Cole Hoffmann, 25″ Gary Studanski, 25″ Matt Ashbeck, 24.5″ Debra Berekvam, 24″ Matt Ashbeck, 23″ Matt Ashbeck, 23″ Debra Berekvam, 22″ Lisa Foster, 22″ Sally Rutherford, 22″ Jim Wicktor, 22″ Matt Ashbeck, 21.5″ Rod Foster, 21″ Dale Rutherford, 20″ Rod Foster.

Smallies:  20″ Ron Felker, 19.5″ Cole Hoffmann, 19.25″ Cole Hoffmann, 19″ Cory Hoffmann, 18.5″ Tim Magee X 3, 18″ Matt Ashbeck.

June is off and running and so far it has not disappointed.  One spot remains open for June 23rd week with a couple short stays around the 4th.  July 7th week has some spots and a cancellation August 11th has freed up cabin 9 if any of you who called previously about that week are still considering a trip north.

Stop wishing….come fishing!